Bentson Copple & Associates’ 2017 Holiday Video

The Bentson Copple & Associates team works hard serving the orthodontic community throughout the year. We do, however, have a little fun around the holidays!

In this year’s annual holiday video, our team goes head-to-head in a heated holiday competition. We attempt to name classic holiday movies and television shows by only hearing short audio samples. Sounds easy enough? We invite you to watch our Annual Holiday Video and play along!

MTV Meets Orthodontics

MTV Meetings Orthodontics - Bentson Copple & Associates
Bentson Copple & Associates are known within the industry as valuation, transition and recruiting specialists; however, over the last five years we accidentally became known for our annual holiday video. The holiday video is a hot topic that comes up in conversation throughout the year from clients, consultants, vendors and friends. There is an unspoken anticipation of how we’ll top the previous year’s video.

Let’s rewind for a moment. In 1992, I was in the second grade and was one of the cool kids because my parents allowed me to watch MTV. I was fascinated by music videos – these pieces of visual art were not only a way to promote the newest song by an artist, but back then, there was a story being told within every video. I will never forget the first time I saw Guns N Roses’ November Rain on MTV! It contained so many memorable elements: a symphony playing alongside a rock n’ roll performance, a wedding, two rainstorms, a funeral sequence and a swooping helicopter shot during the guitar solo. It was the most epic piece of cinematography I had ever seen! It was at that very moment I decided, at the age of 8, that I wanted to become a music video director.

Well…that career choice didn’t quite work out as planned, but video has always been in my blood (thanks Axl & Slash). In 2011, video marketing was starting to become a major influence, so I created a holiday greeting video for our company. The first Bentson Copple & Associates holiday video was a far cry from the extravagant November Rain performance. It was simple, it was generic and it wasn’t very memorable – but it was the beginning of something much larger, an annual tradition at the BC&A office.

In the fall of 2016, our team filmed the Holiday Carpool Karaoke video. It began with a four-page script, but as the cameras rolled, our team began to shine; our individual personalities broke through, we shared real laughs together and offered a glimpse into our office culture. The carpool video has come a long way from that first video of stock footage, one camera and less than two hours of editing. The 5:46 minute video was much more than meets the eye. Let’s break down the 2016 Holiday Video by the numbers:

  • 25 Hours of Editing
  • 12 Team Members
  • 10 Hours of Research
  • 7 Songs That Were Sung
  • 5 Cars Used
  • 4 Hours of Filming
  • 3 Script Re-writes
  • 3 GoPros
  • 3 CDs
  • 3 Hours of Recorded Video Footage
  • 2 Planning Meetings
  • 1 Handheld Video Camera
  • 1 Encounter with a Policeman
  • 1 Borrowed Santa Suit
  • 1 Trip to Target
  • 1 Burn Out
  • 1 Catered Lunch
  • Too Many Laughs to Count

As Director of Marketing, I’m blessed that the entire Bentson Copple & Associates team has always been receptive and willing to participate in the yearly holiday video shenanigans. There is always a bit of apprehension when the theme of the video is announced, but after a bit of persuasion, everyone eventually gets on board.

Yes, it’s only August – but you never know when inspiration may strike. My eyes are open, my ears are to the ground and the creative ideas are already flowing for the 2017 holiday video. We look forward to presenting the next holiday video, hearing your future feedback and stepping out from behind our desks for your entertainment pleasure.

-Laura Overcash, Director of Marketing

Good Old Fashioned Customer Service Is Alive

Good Old Fashioned Customer Service Is Alive
I went grocery shopping yesterday after work. Normally there is nothing special about doing that. We all do it; some of us enjoy it, and some of us – not so much. Yesterday, however, was a special grocery shopping day in that it was the grand opening of the new Publix grocery store in High Point, North Carolina, just down the street from our office.

I lived in Texas for many years, where there were no Publix stores, although the Texas giant H-E-B was considerably close. However, when my father retired, he and my mom moved to Tampa, Florida and I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time visiting with them the 20 years they lived there. During those visits, I went to Publix with my father on many occasions. It was always a positive, enjoyable experience.

Yesterday during my shopping experience, I saw firsthand what exceptional customer service is all about. Publix’s mission statement on the homepage of their website says it all, with the first bullet point being “Passionately focused on customer value”. Every job I have had since I was 16 years old has involved customer service. It is something important to me and something that I feel has sadly diminished rapidly throughout our country.

Upon entering the store I found it to be clean, beautiful and, of course, brand new. I was greeted at the door with welcomes and smiles – the kind of smiles that reflect genuine gratitude. There were associates at every turn down every aisle, ready to take care of any need. They were outgoing, smiling and all made direct eye contact that showed sincerity. I realize it was their grand opening and day-to-day operations will not include that much customer attention, but what an impression it made. This company obviously does a great job in recruiting and training its staff members. These staff members are also the owners of their company, as Publix is the largest employee-owned grocery chain in the U.S.

From asking the location of an item and being assisted by a knowledgeable associate, to the friendly girl who rang up my groceries, to the sweet young man who pushed my shopping cart to my car, it was a 10 out of 10 experience. I remember when assistance taking groceries to your car was normal. When this young man asked if I needed help taking the groceries to my car I replied with “no, I can handle it, thank you – his response was “but it would be my pleasure to assist you.” How do you say no to that? During our short walk he explained that he was 16, in high school and after much training, he was excited to actually be putting the training to good use. He seemed to be an exceptional young man and passionately focused on customer value. I love their mission statement!

Customer service is an attitude, not a department. No matter what industry, field or business you are in, this should hold true to all. People want to feel important and appreciated. That extra step taken to show that real care goes into how someone is treated is so very valuable. Whether you are selling clothing, flipping burgers or straightening teeth, people have choices. When you want them to choose you, you have to go above and beyond the usual steps to create something worth coming back for. I have three grocery stores very close to my office and home. Publix is a bit off my daily commute, but with the quality of products they offer, along with the atmosphere and culture that they have created in which to sell those products, I am eager to go back.

Music to The Ears of Orthodontic Residents

Bentson Copple & Associates - Music to the Ears of Orthodontic Residents
As Steven Tyler of Aerosmith belts out in the chorus of Dream On, his unforgettable raspy voice sings, “Dream on…Dream on…Dream on…Dream until your dreams come true.” Isn’t that what life is really all about, making your dreams come true and reaching for stars in both your personal and professional life? Reaching for your dreams is a common theme heard across all musical genres. Here are just a few musical examples that quickly come to mind:

  • Gonna Fly Now – Bill Conti
    This is an inspirational ode to Rocky Balboa; how can you not be motivated to reach for your goals after hearing this tune?

However, along the way, everyone needs a little bit of help obtaining his/her dreams or goals. Help in overcoming the roadblocks that might be encountered. Help tackling any setbacks that might happen along the journey. Help maintaining the inspiration to keep one’s goal in sight. Help in overcoming all forms of discouragement. When it comes to obtaining career goals, help comes in a variety of outlets, from one-on-one connections, to educational opportunities, to lifetime mentorship (just to name a few).

Let’s focus on one excellent learning opportunity created solely to help residents focused on their future orthodontist career. For over 28 years, the Graduate Orthodontic Residents Program (GORP) has been an educational outreach designed to arm residents with the tools needed to become a successful orthodontist. The 3-day event offers a variety of educational lectures, access to industry vendors, raffles and exciting extracurricular events.

This year, GORP is being held in Cleveland, Ohio (home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – hence the musical inspiration for the blog post), at the Cleveland Marriott Downtown Hotel, August 3-6, 2017!

If you are planning to attend GORP, take a moment to meet Shannon Patterson, CPR, CMSR, Director of Practice Opportunities and Anthony Copple, JD, Transition Specialist. Shannon and Anthony, along with our entire team, are here to provide doctors, both new and established, help in reaching your orthodontic dreams and goals, in terms of your future orthodontic careers. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding practice opportunities, placement services, buyer representation services and current market trends.

If you are unsure about the direction of your future orthodontic career, Shannon Patterson, our Orthodontic Placement Specialist, can provide guidance with your career choices and discuss current market trends in the orthodontic industry. She will have a list of our current practice opportunities, including associate positions, equity-minded associate positions and practices for sale throughout the United States. If you have identified a practice purchase opportunity or an opportunity to join an existing practice as a partner, Anthony will be available to address questions you may have regarding buyer representation.

To quote the famous catchphrase of Casey Kasem, “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!” Also click here to listen to a great playlist assembled by the Huffington Post about pursuing your dreams; hopefully it will provide inspiration during your orthodontic journey!

Celebrating at the 2017 AAO Annual Session

Dr. Jerry Clark Receives the 2017 AAO Humanitarian Award

Just like you each of you, we enjoy learning about new trends, advancements and the overall health of the orthodontic industry at the AAO Annual Session. As a company, we use events such as these to increase our knowledge and, in turn, pass along this wisdom to the orthodontic community in articles, lectures or during our client transactions.

This year’s annual session was packed with lectures and events that we were honored to take part in. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth in the exhibit hall, attended one of Chris Bentson’s lectures, visited with our team at the Orthodontic Career Fair or participated in the New Orthodontist/Resident Conference.

One of the highlights of this year’s meeting was attending the Excellence in Orthodontics Awards Ceremony. Our great friend Dr. Jerry Clark, whose name has been associated with us since our company was formed in 2004, received the 2017 Humanitarian Award at this year’s event. He has had an impressive orthodontic career and remained focused throughout on his many philanthropic efforts in the Greensboro, North Carolina community.

He founded the Make-A-Wish Foundation of North Carolina in 1985 and his many years devoted to the organization saw the wishes of more than 5,000 children fulfilled. He is active in the Kiwanis Club and youth soccer coaching. For many years, he has helped feed the homeless at Grace Community Church and has tutored at-risk, inner-city children. He helped found and served more than 10 years as chairman of the board of directors of Journey Resources, a non-profit organization providing spiritual direction to individuals, businesses and churches. In addition, Dr. Clark has participated in many dental and construction oriented mission trips.

We are very proud of Dr. Jerry Clark and congratulate him on his contributions to the specialty and our community.

Click here to read the official press release from the AAO.