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2015 Damon Forum: An All-Access Backstage Pass to Learning

At the end of the week, we will be attending The Forum 2015 in Orlando, Florida! We are excited to once again be a part of this annual event, which anticipates an attendance of approximately 1,000 orthodontic professionals.

Bentson Clark & Copple will be exhibiting in booth #7, so plan to stop by and say ‘hello’. We would love to provide you with a complimentary copy of the most recent edition of the Bentson Clark reSource. Be sure to ask about our upcoming full-day, educational lecture that will focus on the business of building a lifelong, successful partnership.

Chris Bentson and Doug Copple are scheduled to present “Growing, Managing and Transitioning an A-List Orthodontic Practice” on Saturday, February 21 at 9:30 a.m. This fast-paced presentation will provide a financial manager’s inside view on controlling and growing your practice. It will examine the relationships between the key financial and operational data needed to assess the financial health of your practice and discuss how to set overhead targets for sustained practice growth. With the review of the current consumer marketplace in orthodontics, you will come to understand the importance of practice positioning for today’s savvy consumer. It will additionally cover the ins and outs of transition preparation, including bringing on a partner or associate or hiring a doctor employee.

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topsFest 2015: Learning in Atlanta

At the end of the week we will be attending topsFest 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia! Bentson Clark & Copple is always honored and excited to be a part of this annual event for tops Software users. This year’s meeting will offer topsOrtho skills classes, workshops, roundtable discussions and many guest speakers. Attending topsFest is a great way to accelerate your topsOrtho skills, share knowledge and exchange ideas with others, and ramp up your productivity.

Chris Bentson is scheduled to present “Orthodontic Calculus: Foundational Business Mathematics” on Saturday, January 31 at 8:00 a.m. This fast-paced presentation will begin with a review of the current consumer market for orthodontics and how it affects your practice positioning. It will also include an illustration of the relationships between key financial and operational data needed to examine practice health, a general review of overhead targets, and a discussion regarding some of the trends seen in today’s growing practices.

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True Overhead of an Orthodontic Practice

P&L StatementWe find that a doctor’s Profit and Loss Statement (or P&L Statement) hardly ever reflects the true expenses required to produce the top line revenue stated. Why? Depending on how the practice is structured, there are a number of discretionary expenses that a doctor and his/her accountant may choose to run through the practice. Some common items hidden within a P&L Statement are the doctor’s payroll taxes, the doctor’s health/life (and sometimes disability) insurance, the doctor’s retirement contributions, automobile expenses, and certain travel and entertainment expenses, just to name a few.

To understand the true overhead of an orthodontic practice, it is often necessary to deduct these expenses from your P&L Statement, and then recalculate your overhead rate. After doing so, the question most doctors ask us is how they compare to industry norms. While there is no correct answer to what a practice’s overhead should be, we have produced a document that will help doctors compare his/her overhead to the average benchmarks seen in the orthodontic practices we value. Click here to access this sample P&L Statement document. Once you download this reference sheet, take out your P&L Statement from the last complete year and begin to make entries. Enter your actual expenses in the unadjusted column on the left (entering each into the best available category), and then remove discretionary business expenses in the adjustments column to determine the final adjusted figures, which will provide your true expenses to operate the practice. In an hour or less, you’ll have the best view of your practice.

Click here to download the sample P&L Statement.

Sure Bet: Learning Opportunity in Las Vegas

We’re traveling to the upcoming topsFest meeting. The 2013 topsOrtho Users’ Meeting is being held at the Green Valley Ranch, located just 15 minutes from the Vegas strip. Lectures were created with all topsOrtho users in mind, from beginner to advanced, for doctors as well as administrative and clinical staff. This is the perfect opportunity to gain continuing education credits and mingle with other topsSoftware users.

There will be a wide variety of speakers featured, presenting on a diverse array of topics. This year’s meeting includes many top doctors and consultants including Char Eash, Jackie Shoemaker, Joyce Matlack, Dr. Mark Sanchez (along with many others) and the amazing topsOrtho team. Chris Bentson is also honored to speak at this year’s topsFest event. He is scheduled to present on Friday, February 1st at 9:15am on the topic of Today’s Orthodontic Marketplace.

Chris’ presentation is broken into two portions. Part one will primary discuss the current economic state and market conditions of the orthodontic community. A detailed breakdown of an orthodontic practice expense statement and its benchmarks will be offered to attendees. The data gathered from Bentson Clark & Copple’s 2012 Annual Resident Survey will be featured in order to provide a general understanding of how their choices will affect the future of the profession. Part two of the presentation is focused on the top eight trends in practice growth. Examples will be provided of social media, aligner technology, corporatization of dentistry, fee structure, referral trends, abbreviated treatment times, purchasing a competitor’s practice and starting an orthodontic satellite office.


On the Road Again…Traveling to Tucson

The fall meeting schedule has been in full swing for the Bentson Clark & Copple team! We are once again packing our bags, putting together our marketing materials and reviewing our PowerPoint presentation for the upcoming OrthoSynetics’ 2012 Practice Meeting. We are honored to be invited to participate and can’t wait to finally get there!

We are extremely excited about the 1950’s themed Friday Night Sock Hop. We have heard through the grapevine that Chris Bentson will be rocking a leather jacket, white t-shirt and loafers at the event. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled (and snap a photo). The evening’s entertainment will include a performance from Shanana from the movie Grease! That should be a treat for all.

There will be a wide variety of speakers featured presenting on a diverse array of topics. We always enjoy speaking alongside industry leaders including Dr. Ben Burris, Dr. Mark Coreil, Dr. Jack Devereux (along with many others) and the wonderful OrthoSynetics team. Chris Bentson is scheduled to speak on Saturday, October 20 at 10am. Below are the details regarding his lecture.

Today’s Orthodontic Marketplace and How It Will Shape Tomorrow
Saturday, October 20 @ 10:00am
This presentation examines the economic state, current trends and existing benchmarks of the orthodontic marketplace and how these factors will affect today’s orthodontists and impact the future of the industry. The following areas will be discussed in detail:
• Current consumer and business owner behavior
• Operational and financial benchmarks
• Overhead standards
• Current trends: cause and effect

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