The New Future of Teledentistry

By: Shannon Patterson, CPR, CMSR
Kolbe Certified™ Consultant
Director of Practice Opportunities

When I started to research what topic to write about in this month’s Insight edition, I ran across the article below in Becker’s Dental Review, published November 24, 2020. Upon reading this article, I decided it is too valuable not to share with our readers. As we all know the future of teledentistry is very important to the health and reform of dental and orthodontic practices. The dental industry was already in the grips of change before the pandemic started, but it definitely accelerated teledentistry. I hope this article will provide you all with some good insight.  

MouthWatch CEO: National teledentistry policy needed to eliminate ‘Swiss cheese’ coverage map

Published November 24, 2020

The efficiency and convenience offered through teledentistry services is something patients will continue to seek long after the pandemic ends, according to Brant Herman, co-founder and CEO of Metuchen, N.J.-based teledentistry company MouthWatch.

Teledentistry services have been adopted by more dentists than usual since the pandemic began, as the technology offered by companies such as MouthWatch help dentists conserve personal protective equipment, mitigate infection risks and reach patients who cannot easily visit a dentist in-person.

November survey results from the DentaQuest Partnership show 75 percent of dental providers predict an increased reliance on teledentistry in coming years. Mr. Herman, who co-founded MouthWatch in 2012, agrees with this prediction, as he believes technology that allows providers to connect virtually with patients improves a practice’s efficiency, reach and customer service.

Here, Mr. Herman shared his thoughts about teledentistry with Becker’s Dental Review.

Editor’s note: Responses have been lightly edited for clarity and flow.

Question: Teledentistry saw increased growth this year due to the pandemic. Why will teledentistry remain important after the pandemic is over?

Brant Herman: The jury is still out on how long the pandemic will last, how many spikes will occur or if there will be additional closures and emergency care only restrictions. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that dentistry is very vulnerable in these types of situations.

Teledentistry can help DSOs and group practices adapt to almost anything that disrupts the typical day-to-day operation — whether it be another pandemic or a natural disaster. Furthermore, patients were already primed for this type of convenience from their healthcare providers, and COVID only accelerated their desire for this type of connectivity and convenience.

In addition, the pandemic has taught us that efficiency and scalability are of the utmost importance. For the immediate future, groups and DSOs will need to do more with less — to squeeze every drop from the orange, so to speak. When you are forced to see fewer patients on any given day, you need to supplement this new standard operating procedure with a viable alternative, such as teledentistry.

When used in the current post-COVID-19 environment, teledentistry can help preserve and improve the bottom line. It can also make it easy for patients to feel connected to your practice when not in the chair. When the veil of the pandemic is lifted, the efficiency and scalability of teledentistry can propel dramatic growth.

Q: What do you have to say to patients who fear they won’t receive quality care from a virtual visit?

BH: A virtual consultation can’t replace every personal encounter with your dentist, but it can significantly reduce the time and travel required for routine consultations, oral health coaching, treatment plan presentations and certain post-operative check-ins. Busy people appreciate this, and who’s not busy these days?

What’s more, transitioning some in-person visits to virtual equivalents whether synchronous or asynchronous, reduces the risk of infectious disease transmission, not only during a pandemic, but during the traditional cold and flu season. When you combine virtual consultations with prioritized in-office visits, you’ll receive a higher level of care that you will soon begin to prefer.

Q: What are the biggest challenges facing the teledentistry field right now?

BH: There are several that come to mind. First, there’s the perception that video conferencing and teledentistry are synonymous, when only a robust, HIPAA-compliant platform designed specifically to enhance the dental work flow, improve peer-to-peer collaboration and enable smartphone-friendly patient encounters should be considered a true teledentistry solution. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has prompted a gold rush of “teledentistry lite” applications.

Second, not all teledentistry consults have to be live video. This is time consuming, especially as practices are busy managing patients. A platform with integrated messaging and video conference allows for efficient consultations that can become video visits when needed.

The lack of a cohesive and formalized national teledentistry policy perpetuates a Swiss cheese coverage map of optimal access to care. If every state had favorable, non-restrictive teledentistry regulations and standards, we would eventually have an oral care infrastructure that will have a positive impact on the overall state of health in America. There should also be more widespread insurance reimbursement policies.

Lastly, the perception that DSOs and group practices don’t need to make a long-term investment in teledentistry because they believe it won’t be useful after the pandemic subsides. Truth be told, going back to inefficient workflows, infectious disease vulnerability and patient inconvenience will be like going back to foot pedal-powered dental drills. Who wants that? What’s more, FaceTime won’t work for the long haul and teledentistry can be used for much more than covering for a doctor when they’re on vacation.

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Orthodontic Practice for Sale: Southwest Virginia

Purchase an established orthodontic practice in the southwestern region of Virginia. The area offers small-town charm combined with the modern conveniences of a metropolitan area.

The western half of Virginia showcases its natural outdoor beauty through the Appalachian Mountains, one of the oldest ranges in the world and with infinite opportunities for outdoor adventures. You could fill weeks with hiking, fishing, biking, golfing, horseback riding, and a multitude of other adventures. The area could be the best-kept secret of the East coast.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find so much to do in western Virginia it’s hard to decide where to focus. You could hike 544 miles of the Appalachian Trail – more than any other state, bike the 34-mile Virginia Creeper Trail, or explore the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive. Western Virginia is home to 15 state parks, two major rivers, two national forests, a national historic park, and some of the best sightseeing in Virginia. The region has many wineries, breweries, bars, and local art shops to visit.

Southwest Virginia is known as the “birthplace of country music”, and that heritage is honored on The Crooked Road Music Trail. The 333-mile driving route focuses on Appalachian music at nine major venues, 150 affiliated venues, and 27 wayside exhibits.

The I-81 corridor is home to several institutions of higher education, with Virginia Tech and James Madison University being the largest.

This is a wonderful community to raise a family and make a difference by creating beautiful smiles. If you are interested in learning more about this orthodontic career opportunity, please forward your CV and letter of interest to and

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Equity-Minded Orthodontic Associate Opportunity: Erie, Pennsylvania

Equity-Minded Associateship in Erie,Pennsylvania

A private orthodontic practice located in Erie, Pennsylvania is seeking a full-time associate to join their team. This is an associateship opportunity that offers a path for equity for the right candidate.

Erie is a lovely lakeside city in northwestern Pennsylvania, the fourth-largest municipality in the state. The city boasts of its historical architecture and attractions as well as beautiful, scenic parks – Erie is both affordable and diverse. Erie is proud to be a member of Welcoming America, a network organization that unleashes the power of New Americans, creating a stronger community and economy. The designation is based on the city’s diverse cultures, vibrant neighborhoods, schools of excellence, and abundance of family-sustaining jobs.

Erie’s location along the south shores of Lake Erie provides an abundance of outdoor activities throughout the year. The largest regional attraction for visitors and locals is Presque Isle State Park, which offers a distinctive blend of natural beauty and year-round recreation – including swimming, boating, biking, surfing, birding, fishing, skiing, and snowmobiling.

The area offers so many things to see and do, including museums, nature centers, thoroughbred horse racing, shopping, and theaters. Many enjoy the Erie Maritime Museum, the Tom Ridge Environmental Center, and relish the panoramic views from the Port Erie Bicentennial Tower. Family-friendly activities include the Erie Zoo & Botanical GardensPresque Isle State ParkWadameer, Water World, and Splash Lagoon Indoor Waterpark Resort.

Erie is conveniently located between the cities of Buffalo, New York, and Cleveland, Ohio, and is due north of Pittsburgh. Erie’s manufacturing sector remains prominent in the local economy, though healthcare, higher education, technology, service industries, and tourism are emerging as significant economic drivers. The city is home to many corporate headquarters such as Erie Insurance Group and Marquette Savings Bank. Erie is an evolving area the third-largest amount of wine in the United States.

If you are interested in learning more about this orthodontic career opportunity, please forward your CV and letter of interest to and

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Full-Time Orthodontic Associate Opportunity: Apple Valley, Minnesota

Full-Time Orthodontic Associate Needed in Apple Valley, Minnesota

Smile Doctors is seeking a full-time orthodontist to join their team in Apple Valley, Minnesota.

Apple Valley is an energetic community located 20 minutes south of downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul. It offers picturesque rolling hills and pristine lakefronts. It’s in the southernmost part of Minnesota’s Twin Cities – far enough from the urban scene to have plenty of open lands for parks and nature but only a short drive to an abundance of world-class museums, theatres, and art galleries. 

Located in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” this career opportunity is near recreation areas that include hockey, ski-jumping, and cross-country ski trails. The general area is an exciting outpost for outdoor lovers of all kinds. Apple Valley has an expansive park and recreation system. It is home to the Dakota County Lebanon Hills Regional Park, the 18-hole Valleywood Golf Course, and the world-renowned Minnesota Zoo – one of the top 10 zoos in the United States. Residents and visitors can enjoy biking, kayaking, and hiking in nearby nature preserves.

Apple Valley has a vibrant economy and a well-educated workforce; located at the crossroads of two major highways, providing a firm foundation for businesses to plant, grow, and prosper. Apple Valley was named by Money Magazine as one of the “Best Places to Live” in 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2013 due in part to its vibrant local economy and amenities. Apple Valley has a centralized business community, providing a diverse range of goods and services and is one of the regional centers of finance, politics, communication, film, music, fashion, and culture. It is considered one of the state’s most important and influential cities. 

Apple Valley has a “Planned Downtown Core” with a square mile of shops and restaurants with a lively nightlife. Nearby Mall of America and Premium Outlets are popular shopping destinations.

The neighborhoods are clean and family-friendly and the school system and its teachers are phenomenal. The community is close-knit and friendly. Apple Valley’s close proximately to the Twin Cities offers urban amenities but provides an easy to escape into its quiet suburbs.

The area offers a great outdoor lifestyle and is a great place to raise a family. If you are interested in learning more about this orthodontic career opportunity, please forward your CV and letter of interest to and

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Determining Your Career Path After Orthodontic Residency

By: Shannon Patterson, CPR, CMSR
Kolbe Certified™ Consultant
Director of Practice Opportunities

You have taken that step in identifying a career that appeals to you, but deciding your next step may still be the missing piece of your puzzle. There are many factors you need to examine and decisions you need to make as you approach your final year. You should be asking yourself a few questions:
Where Do I Want to Live?
This is extremely important for those who have a family. Being in agreement about where you would like to practice is a decision that should be made with your spouse. Does the community culture align with your beliefs and values? Ask yourself if the area meets your interests and financial needs. Making sure you and your family will be “happy” is a key factor when deciding where you want to practice. 
What Are My Short-Term and Long-Term Goals?
Making a career plan takes time and effort on your part. Commit to establishing your expectations and objectives as you seek an opportunity. Remember who you are and why you chose this career.
Do I Want to Practice as an Associate in a Private Practice?
Ask yourself if you desire mentorship from a senior doctor. Do you see yourself working with this potential employer? Do your personalities “mesh”? Make it a point to visit the practice and see if the culture is a good fit for you. Observe the interaction between the staff and the patients. Can you see yourself practicing in that environment?
Am I Willing to Work for a DSO (Doctor Service Organization)?
If you are wanting to focus solely on orthodontics, corporate may be a better choice. In some cases, you can negotiate a schedule and salary that are guaranteed regardless of the organization’s ups and downs. As with a private practice, just be sure to find the right fit.
Would I Like an Equity-Minded Associateship Opportunity?
This is an opportunity to consider for an orthodontist that desires to own their own practice in the somewhat near future. You are able to come in as an associate and “get your feet wet” by getting to know the patients and learning about the ins and outs of the practice you would one day be a partner in. Understand that non-competes in most states will be required and are enforceable.
Should I Purchase an Orthodontic Practice?
Financially speaking, is this possible for you? This path does allow you the ability to control your own schedule and usually maximize income. However, the freedoms of having your own practice come with a price. As a small business owner, you have many responsibilities that come along with that title and there are many resources available for you to get help in these areas.
This is an important decision that simply comes down to making sure you stay true to yourself by seeking the best opportunity for you and your family. Know who you are, choose a location, identify the right practice, and begin your journey in confidence.

The insights above address many questions to ask yourself when determining a long-term or short-term orthodontic career path. You are not alone on this journey, there are many reputable companies providing guidance when exploring all the available career options, including Bentson Copple & Associates! 

Whether you are a new resident, a resident approaching the completion of your orthodontic program, an experienced doctor seeking a new opportunity, or looking to purchase a practice – our experienced placement specialists are here to help you!
Our Placement Services are provided at no cost, and our candidates can expect a high-level engagement process with our recruiters, who are knowledgeable about the opportunities they represent and current industry trends. Our team is here to help make your future orthodontic journey as successful as possible! We also have an up-to-date, comprehensive list of available orthodontic jobs and career opportunities on our website, that range from orthodontic practices for sale, associateship positions, and orthodontic employment opportunities – both full-time and part-time.

Full-Time Orthodontic Associate Opportunity: Thomasville, Georgia

Full-Time Orthodontic Associate Needed in Thomasville, Georgia

Smile Doctors is seeking a full-time orthodontist to join their team in Thomasville, Georgia

Thomasville, known as the City of Roses, was featured as the second-best historic small town according to USA Today. It offers residents and visitors alike, a glimpse into its rich history and abundance of natural beauty. It is conveniently located on the Georgia-Florida state line – 43 miles west of Valdosta, Georgia, and 35 miles northeast of Tallahassee, Florida. The city sits in the Red Hills Region known for its tall longleaf pines, centuries-old oak trees, and an abundance of dogwood, azalea, and wisteria. 

Downtown Thomasville has an amazing variety of shops, boutiques, and specialty stores. There are over 120 unique independent shops, salons, and restaurants to enjoy. With countless dining options, downtown is a food lover’s dream come true – from classic southern dishes like shrimp and grits to aged steak. There has been a revitalization of many of its downtown buildings and has become an area filled with arts and culture. Downtown has received awards and recognitions, including “Must Visit” lists in national publications and a designation as Georgia’s first “Great American Main Street City”. Thomasville offers many exciting events downtown, such as First Friday or live entertainment at The Ritz Amphitheater.

There is a variety of activities for residents to enjoy in the evenings or on the weekends including an exciting arts community that features Thomasville Center for the ArtsThomasville Entertainment Foundation, and the Thomasville Music and Drama Troupe. Thanks to Georgia’s abundance of beautiful weather, Thomasville is home to many beautiful parks and recreational facilities. Thomas County is home to world-class bobwhite quail hunting, stemming from the area’s historical roots. In addition, there are a variety of attractions and historical landmarks to explore such as the Pebble Hill PlantationJack Hadley Black History Museum, and The Big Oak Tree.

Thomasville and Thomas County provide the unique combination of a great quality of life and the state-of-the-art infrastructure necessary to support business. Thomasville is home to a diverse mix of successful corporate operations with the top six employing a workforce of 1,700 citizens. An excellent transportation system, both road and rail, makes the area a perfect home for larger businesses such as Flowers Foods, one of the top two providers of baked products in the nation, which is headquartered in Thomasville. Some local businesses have been recognized and nominated by the State of Georgia as Small Business ROCK STARS because of their outstanding, unique, and impactful contributions to the economy. 

Consider working as a full-time orthodontist in Thomasville, a historically-modern, culturally vibrant city. To learn more about this opportunity, please forward your CV and letter of interest to and

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Full-Time Orthodontic Associate Opportunity: Longview, Texas

Full-Time Orthodontic Associate Needed in Longview, Texas

Smile Doctors is seeking a full-time orthodontist to join their team in Longview, Texas

Live in a small city that offers fascinating museums, miles of shopping, world-class entertainment, and an eclectic dining scene to rival much larger cities. Longview is conveniently located in the heart of East Texas and has access to many nearby towns, cities, and states. It is approximately 65 miles west of Shreveport and two hours east of Dallas.

Longview is home to many highly-anticipated events throughout the year – everything from outdoor concerts to historical reenactments. The city is proud to be home to the Fourth of July Fireworks & Freedom CelebrationFreeze Your Fanny bike ride, and HomebierFest. As the official “Balloon Capital of Texas,” Longview hosts the Great Texas Balloon Race, a three-day world-class balloon competition with 80-plus sport and special shape balloons, concerts, food, and exhibits. Longview also offers remarkable family-friendly art activities including professional symphony, community band, and fine arts galleries.

Located in the beautiful Piney Woods of East Texas, Longview offers adventures from calming to thrilling. Experience harmony with nature in the great outdoors while exploring local walking trails, parks, and golf courses. Other popular recreational opportunities include biking at Mobberly Trail, cooling off at one of the city’s five splash pads, picnicking at The Green, or playing disc golf at one of three courses. For the avid outdoorsman, there are several lakes perfect for fishing, boating, and birdwatching.

Despite its small size, Longview has a very diverse community. Residents enjoy a dense suburban feel with dozens of neighborhoods that vary in price and amenities. The average cost of living in Longview is well below the national average, making it an affordable place to live. Longview is one of many communities designated as an accredited Main Street community. It is a great place to raise a family and it offers many educational opportunities for children.

Longview, the seat of Gregg County, is the center of economic activity for a significant part of Northeast Texas. It has a thriving economy based on manufacturing, technology, and the East Texas Oil Field – one of the country’s largest gas and oil fields. It is also one of the fastest-growing small cities in the United States. 

Consider creating beautiful smiles in an area that offers small-town values and a strong sense of community. To learn more about this opportunity, please forward your CV and letter of interest to and

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Full-Time Orthodontic Associate Opportunity: Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Smile Doctors is seeking a full-time orthodontic associate career job opportunity in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Smile Doctors is seeking a full-time orthodontist to join their team in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 

Hattiesburg is Mississippi’s second-largest city located midway between Jackson and the Gulf Coast. It is a thriving and exciting area as it hosts many highly-anticipated events and street festivals throughout the year, features many local-owned restaurants and breweries, and is home to a flourishing arts scene. Hattiesburg is home to several national business branches that hold thousands of jobs across the Pine Belt.

As a premier city in the Gulf South, Hattiesburg attracts newcomers because of the diversity of its strong economy, beautiful neighborhoods, and its central location in South Mississippi. This is a wonderful location to join an extraordinary team of colleagues dedicated to changing lives in an enjoyable and rewarding work environment.

Join an amazing team of colleagues dedicated to changing lives in an enjoyable and rewarding work environment. The success of Smile Doctors practices has been the result of their commitment to providing quality orthodontic care while building positive relationships with their patients and the communities in which they serve.

Smile Doctors offers a competitive benefits package that includes: 

Guaranteed Daily Rate & Production Incentive

Relocation Bonus

Full Medical Benefits

CE Allowance

Life Insurance (company paid)

Clinical Mentorship & Doctor Coaching

Exceptional Clinical Support Team

Smile Doctors Mission:

Our mission is to brighten futures through authentic smiles within our communities. We love people first, straighten teeth second. At Smile Doctors, we see people as people and embrace authentic smiles. Our people-first culture creates a fun-loving contagious environment with positive interactions that inspire team members and patients to uplift themselves and others within the communities we serve. 

If you are interested in learning more about this practice opportunity, please forward your CV and letter of interest to

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Full-Time Orthodontic Associate Opportunity: San Antonio, Texas

Full-time orthodontic associate career job opportunity in San Antonio, Texas

Smile Doctors has a full-time associate opportunity to join a thriving orthodontic practice located in San Antonio, Texas.

Seeking an area with picturesque neighborhoods, an affordable housing market, and mouthwatering cuisine? Look no further than San Antonio! It is one of the most family-friendly metropolitan areas in Texas. Even though it’s the 7th largest city in the US, San Antonio is known as a relaxing and laid-back area – offering big-city amenities in an atmosphere that is much more casual and relaxed. 

With its greenspace, trails, and waterways, San Antonio provides a multitude of activities for outdoor enthusiasts, families, and individuals with active lifestyles. With more than 300 days of sunshine per year, you can enjoy the outdoors nearly every day by visiting incredible green spaces like the 300-plus-acre Brackenridge Park, touring San Antonio Botanical Garden, or exploring the hiking and biking trails of the city’s greenway trail system. Set up a tee time at one 50 golf courses or experience a thrill ride at Sea World or Six Flags Fiesta Texas

San Antonio is a great place for history buffs as it is known for its Old West history, most notably The Alamo. While the city embraces its past, it also celebrates its current culture in many places locals and tourists alike enjoy visiting – The Guadalupe Cultural Arts CenterThe San Fernando Cathedral, and Spanish Governor’s Palace

San Antonio is the 3rd fastest growing large city in the US and is home to a vibrant economic community. It ranked on Forbes’ list of Best Places for Business and Careers. A mix of Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and start-ups call San Antonio home due to its business-friendly environment. San Antonio is home to one of the largest military bases in the country, Joint Base San Antonio, which primarily serves the Air Force. Currently, the base has four major locations that provide training, health care, education, and combat support.

Residents enjoy a cost of living that is approximately 14% below the national average, according to PayScale. This savings is due in part to lower housing costs as well as the absence of a state income tax. There are plenty of neighborhoods in and around the city to accommodate any lifestyle. Families will find a strong education system in San Antonio which is home to more than 30 private schools and charter schools with just as many higher-education institutions.

With steady job growth, beautiful scenery, and a booming food scene, San Antonio has established a distinct personality as a fascinating place to live, work, and play. If you are interested in learning more about this practice opportunity please forward your CV and letter of interest to

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Full-Time Orthodontic Associate Opportunity: Birmingham, Alabama

Full-time orthodontic associate career opportunity in Birmingham, Alabama

A growing practice is seeking a full-time associate orthodontist in Birmingham, Alabama.

Originally a town that was famous for its steel industry, Birmingham has become a multicultural city. Birmingham has experienced a major economic turnaround in recent years and, as a result, is ranked seventh among the 150 largest US metros for the percent increase in millennial residents. Birmingham tops Forbes’ list of cities offering the most value for your money due mostly – or entirely – to the low cost of living throughout the area and its suburbs. Birmingham was named as one of the most affordable cities for first-time homebuyers in the nation by Lending Tree. Also, four Birmingham area communities are among the best places to live in Alabama, according to rankings released by Niche.

The Magic City is experiencing a renaissance from craft breweries to award-winning chefs. It’s a place that’s overflowing with entertainment, the arts, nightlife, and world-class cuisine. Historic buildings are being renovated, condos and loft apartments now proliferate downtown, and there are a growing number of entertainment and shopping options.

Birmingham hosts numerous cultural festivals showcasing music, films, and regional heritage, such as the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival that brings in filmmakers from all over the world. It is quickly becoming the go-to festival destination in the Southeast. named Birmingham #3 in Best Block Party Places. The city is also home to many highly-anticipated annual events from the Mercedes Marathon to the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama.

Birmingham offers something for everyone. Nestled at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Birmingham has more green space per capita than any other city its size in the nation. It offers breathtaking natural areas like Ruffner Mountain and world-class golf courses. In the middle of downtown Birmingham, residents enjoy Railroad Park – it’s an ideal place to eat lunch, throw a frisbee, or enjoy the walking trails. There are many opportunities to learn about the city’s history including the Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument. For those who enjoy the arts, Birmingham is also home to the Alabama BalletAlabama Symphony Orchestra, and Opera Birmingham.

This is an opportunity for an associate to work in an orthodontic practice focused on personalized care, commitment to excellence, and transforming lives. If you are interested in learning more about this practice opportunity, please forward your CV and letter of interest to

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